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Sara Stockbridge

Sara Stockbridge is synonymous with the neo-punk face of the Eighties and as Vivienne Westwood's muse


Born in 1965, Sara was scouted at 19 and two years later began a lifelong association with fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood. Sara epitomized Westwood's obsession with Royal style, often seen out in a tweed. Stockbridge's naughty take on Marilyn Monroe, smudged red lipstick, hair worn up in pin-curls, tight sweaters and heels was one of the iconic 'looks' of the late 80s.


Sara is an actress (Interview With A Vampire, Bridget Jones' Diary), author (Victorian thriller) and singer (Fronting the band Rooster). The quintessential mix of style with attitude, Sara is the original elegant-eccentric and an icon of our time.. 

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